Primates 2016


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A member of the Community of St Anselm, who are praying in Canterbury Cathedral throughout Primates 2016, 14 January 2016.

17th January 2016 

Thanksgiving Collect for Primates 2016 

Gracious God:
Your people found wisdom in the wilderness
and faced challenge in the promised land.
We give thanks for the many signs of your presence with the leaders of your church
as they sought to discern your spirit amid tension and conflict, humility and grace.
Sustain them as they return to their people;
renew them in mission and ministry;
comfort and encourage any who find themselves hurt, disappointed or dismayed; and restore the unity of your Spirit in the bonds of our peace.
Through Christ our Lord.

13th January 2016


O God, fountain of love
pour thy love into our souls,
that we may love those whom thou loves with the love thou givest us,
and think and speak of them tenderly, meekly, lovingly;
and so loving our brothers and sisters for thy sake,
may grow in thy love,
and dwelling in love may dwell in thee;
for Jesus Christ’s sake.

E.B. Pusey (1800-1882)

Prayer for Counsels of the Church

Eternal Father,
who wouldst make the Church of thy dear Son a city great and fair, the joy of the whole earth:
we beseech thee, by the sending of thy Holy Spirit, direct its counsels in all manner of wisdom, love, and might;
remove perplexity, establish concord, kindle flame, and gather a people single and strong of faith;
to the praise of him, who with thee and the same Spirit liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end.

Lambeth Conference 1930

12th January 2016 


O God of love, we pray thee to give us love:
Love in our thinking, love in our speaking,
Love in our doing, and love in the hidden places of our souls;
Love of our neighbours near and far;
Love of our friends, old and new;
Love of those with whom we find it hard to bear,
And love of those who find it hard to bear with us;
Love of those with whom we work,
And love of those with whom we take our ease;
Love in joy, love in sorrow;
Love in life and love in death;
That so at length we may be worthy to dwell with thee,
Who art eternal love.

William Temple, 1881-1944 (Archbishop of Canterbury 1942-44)

11th January 2016 

A daily prayer for the unity of Christians

Lord Jesus,
who prayed that we might all be one,
we pray to you for the unity of Christians,
according to your will,
according to your means.
May your Spirit enable us
to experience the suffering caused by division,
to see our sin,
and to hope beyond all hope.

Composed by members of the Chemin Neuf community from the prayer of the abbot Paul Couturier.

Oración por la unidad de los cristianos

Señor Jesús,
que has orado para que todos sean uno,
te rogamos por la unidad de los cristianos,
como Tú la deseas,
por los medios que Tú deseas.
Que tu Espíritu nis conceda
sentir el sufrimiento de la separación,
ver nuestro pecado,
y esperar más allá de toda esperanza.

Prière pour l'unité

Seigneur Jésus,
qui as prié pour que tous soient un,
nous te prions pour l'unité des chrétiens,
telle que tu la veux,
par les moyens que tu veux.
Que ton Esprit nous donne
d'éprouver la souffrance de la séparation,
de voir notre péché,
et d'espérer au-delà de toute espérance.

Prière composée par la Communauté du Chemin Neuf à partir des mots de p. Paul Couturier.

8th January 2016 

A prayer for Primates as they travel to Canterbury 

O God, our heavenly Father, 
whose glory fills the whole creation,
and whose presence we find wherever we go:
preserve those who travel;
surround them with your loving care;
protect them from every danger;
and bring them in safety to their journey’s end;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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6th January 2016 

Collect for Primates 2016 

Gracious Father, 
who in your prophet Isaiah promised us
a Spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and inward strength, knowledge and true godliness:
breathe that same Spirit on the leaders of your church today,
that they may meet you in one another,
find perfect freedom in your service,
and bring forth your Spirit’s fruits of love, joy and peace;
that your church may be renewed in the form of your Son, born, crucified and risen
that we might be one with you and in you,
ever one God, merciful and mighty.

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