Award Winning Shaving Technology -The BRAUN SERIES 7

Men’s health magazine and a panel of experts’ editors picked the Braun Series 7 as a member of just 36 groom products for guys.

Award Winning Shaving Technology

Men’s Health is among the most well-known magazines for guys with 12.5 million subscribers and four thousand unique visits to their own site.

Braun Series 7-790cc

The ActiveLift attribute has an oscillating trimmer lifts & reductions hair that is flat-lying. This lifting procedure in great in regions that are troubled that electric shavers wouldn’t be able to achieve. This is among the differences in the Braun Series 7 when compared with electric shavers that are more economical.

Braun foil with ergonomically sized hair is cut by holes . You’ll be amazed by the proximity of this Braun Series 7. It feels like you used a blade as opposed to an electrical shaver.

Features of Braun Series 7

  • Cleaning: As component of this wash & renews technology there’s a alchohol based cleaning solution which can help remove stubble.
  • Charging: Even though the machine is cleaning the shaver, the device also charges at precisely the exact same time leaving you greater battery life.
  • Lubricating: Throughout the cleaning cycle that the blades are mechanically compacted to help conserve the life span of your Braun shaver. With many shavers you need to scatter the blades.
  • Automatic Programming: The tech supporting the shaver will automatically find out if the last time that your shaver has been washed, picking the finest optimal manner for the best shave possible.
  • Quick Clean: There’s an choice to quickly wash your shaver if you’re in a crunch for a while. The quick procedure that is clean takes 25 minutes.

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How to Keep Your Carpet Clean?

Carpets are an expensive affair and need special care, as the fabric is delicate. Carpets can look as good as new if they are handled in a correct manner. Carpets are a source of dirt and dust and can become a home for mildew, bacteria’s and other unwanted organisms. Factors such as kids, pets, indoor kitchen smoke, outdoor pollution and dust through foot wares contribute to major carpet dirt. A dirty carpet can result in serious health issues such as asthma. Thus, it’s important to keep the carpets clean and tidy.

Here are a few tips to keep your carpet clean:

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

1. Remove the surface and in-depth dirt regularly

The very first step to keep your carpet clean is vacuuming them regularly. It should not be too often or too less but precisely enough to clean the dirt. As per experts, the carpets can be vacuumed twice a week if there are more members of the family. It maintains the polish of the carpet and prevents it from looking too old. Also, a simple vacuum can remove almost 70% of the dirt, which covers surface dirt and mid-level dirt.

2. Treat the spills immediately

With kids in the house, the spill can be a common issue. It is not hard to remove the spills if treated on the spot. Never try to rub the spilled area else it will worsen the situation and spread in nearby fibers. Apply cleaning solution
on the spill just enough to cover it and remove it with a cotton, clean paper towel or a cloth. If the spill dries, it would take much longer and harder to remove. Spills, if left untreated, can give rise to germs.

3. Trim the uneven fibers

If the carpet is used regularly then one can see snags coming out of the carpet. If you pull out that fiber, It can loosen the others in the near vicinity. Thus, it is always recommended to trim the snag with scissors or cutter to make the surface look neat and even. Also, no further damage would occur on the carpet. Before Buying Any Carpet Cleaner Always Check Best Carpet Cleaners Reviews.

4. Remove stains with soda

If there are stains on the carpet that cannot be treated by any other means then club soda can be a powerful stain remover. Whether it’s a stain of a coffee or a wine, all be can be cleared easily. Just rub soda over the affected area and leave for few seconds. Remove the soda with a clean cloth and recover your carpet from a dirty stain.

5. Look for high traffic spots

There are carpeted areas in the house, which are more affected than usual such as a staircase, living room, kids playroom etc. These areas need more cleaning than the regular spaces. For instance vacuum, the affected areas
more often or cover the carpet with another layer of gentle fabric. The layers can be cleaned in a much easier way than the whole carpet. This tip is also useful if your pet has access to most of the areas in the house.

6. Hire a Pro occasionally

Even though these tips can be done manually at home but getting your carpets cleaned professionally once or twice in a year can give much better results. Firstly, it will increase the shelf life of a carpet and improve its look and feel. Secondly, it will clean the carpet in-depth removing all the embedded dirt and dust from the carpet’s base. Thus, a carpet defines the interior of a house and gives a polished appearance. The simple hacks listed above can keep the carpets clean and tidy.…

Foosball Table Maintenance and Care Tips

Foosball Table Maintenance and Care TipsFoosball is one of the most classic games that are still popular among the youngsters. Though video games and online gaming platforms faded the popularity for sometime, foosball is still an American game that teenagers love to play. From game parlors to pubs, foosball table is found in every fun joint. It is fun for a party setup or a cool coffee place.

In case you are fond of this game and own a foosball table yourself then you must know the essentials to maintain it. A foosball table can be of different material thus to ensure that its smooth for a game, it requires care and proper maintenance.

Here is a list of few tips that can help in maintaining a foosball table:

1. The Movement of Rods

The rods in a foosball table are essential when it comes to playing a game. It is the very first thing a player needs to start a game. Its movement should be easy and quick so that the player can play the match against the opponent. So for a comfortable movement, lubricate the rods may be once a month. Even the bearings can be lubricated, if the movement is rough and there is difficulty in gliding. A silicone spray could be used for the best lubrication and consumes very little time.

2. Wear & Tear of the table

People often get high on energy while playing foosball. Due to multiple games and rough shots by the players, the table suffers a lot of wear and tear. Under such circumstances, the parts of the table such as foosball field, players on rods etc can be either damaged or broken. In case a piece is broken, it can be put back together using an adhesive. This is cost effective method and saves up both time and money. In case the parts are completely damages, the parts need replacement. This would add to the cost and will take time to fix the table. Also, with incomplete setup, the game cannot be played perfectly.  But Before Buying Check Foosball Table Reviews

3. Do not Keep the Table Outdoor

If you have a personal foosball table then make sure it is kept somewheresafe. If the table is kept outdoors it will be affected by the direct sunlight and wind. Now playing outside can be fun may be along the poolside or backyard but it can seriously damage the table. Some of the foosball tables are made of wood, which is susceptible to climatic damages. If the table surface becomes rough with dust and the rods are rusted under the sun then tables would premature. Thus, keeping the table outside the house without a shelter can be pretty damaging.

4. Professional Cleaning Products

There are several ways and homely solutions to keep a table clean and maintained. But there are few companies in the market that sell specialized products for foosball table maintenance. Now, you can easily take care of your table by relying on professional products. Look for any dust and dirt and use these professional products for complete cleaning. These products are available in the form of sprays and sometimes even in the form of wipes for convenience. These products would prevent the table from any damages and increase the shelf life. Thus, a foosball table is a good indoor game and can be played with friends and relatives. But one must remember to take care of it to enjoy hassle free gaming.

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How to Make Coffee with a Drip Coffee Machines

How to Make Coffee with a Drip Coffee MachinesTo start off, let’s talk about drip coffee machines. There are perhaps the machines we have all been more exposed to in history and throughout the various forms of media: after all, they have been featured in countless movies and shows, in those scenes shot in a drive-in or in a police station. These coffee machines are typically recognizable because of their big carafes placed in the front and the top lid where everything is loaded.

The process behind these machines is quite simple. Because what gives off coffee’s aroma and flavor are the oils contained in the beans (and subsequently the grounds) when they are immersed in hot water, these machines do exactly that by dripping boiling hot water on the coffee ground powder. After the hot water sits with the grounds and absorbs the good stuff, the liquid is pushed down through the filter, which is there solely for the purpose of preventing the solid chunks to pass through (and avoid making your coffee feel “grainy”), and collected in the carafe. The machines may then feature a heater which keeps the freshly brewed coffee warm for some time.

Now, to perfectly brew a tradition cup of joe with a drip coffee machine, there are three main ingredients to keep in mind and select, apart from the machine itself. First of all is the coffee: the finer the blend, the more surface area is exposed to the water, thus allowing more of its essences to be dissolved in water. Secondly comes the filter – paper filters are the most commonly used because require no maintenance (as you simply dispose of them and use a new one). Brewing coffee with a paper filter provides a smooth, grain-free beverage at the cost of flavor, because the paper absorbs part of the oils that make a coffee stronger – using a metal filter will give off a stronger coffee, but it will have some of the smaller grains floating around. Thirdly comes the water temperature: the hotter the water, the faster it will be at dissolving the oils before being pushed down towards the filter.

With all the ingredients considered, preparing the machine is fairly easy: foremost you have to make sure the carafe is in place to avoid wasting anything. You then open the lid and pour in the water container the amount of water recommended by each individual machine for the number of cups you desire to make (because each machine is different, consult the manual for this step). After that, take one filter if you use paper ones, rinse it in water (separately, in the sink for example) to make sure any loose paper fibers or dust particles are removed; or insert your reusable metal or ceramic filter after cleaning it thoroughly if you use those. Next comes the part that takes some practice to perfect – the coffee. Take a spoon and place the recommended amount on the manual first (a general guideline is to use around 2 tablespoons for each cup of water). There goes your first brew.

On your successive brews, feel free to add more coffee grounds or remove if you want a stronger/weaker beverage. And keep in mind to never leave any previously coffee in the carafe while the machine heats up, as it can potentially overheat it and cause it to burn, completely ruining its flavor.…